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Hello Folks! Happy to be here...

Tuning in from Shroud of the Avatar, an MMO in mid design which has incredible prospects for MMO role-playing.  Feel free to message me if you'd like more information, but if not?  I'm also here to talk about all things RP 😉

In-game, I also have a player owned town called Kahli, a haven for RP-PvP'ers.  Here's a link to the full description:

Also, here's a promotion I'm running to encourage potential RP-PvP guild leaders to join the city:

Of note, I'm also the designer of a fellow RP/Story Sharing website, (Role-Players of the Avatar).

Introduction over!  Hope to see this site flourish.  And I must say, I enjoy the double meaning to the URL.  "What'cha doin?  Role-Playin.  Where ya Role-Playin?  At the Role-Play Inn..."  😉

Welcome to the Inn.  I've heard of Shroud of the Avatar, and I may check it out in the future.  Thanks for the links.

10/10 community. He's got it really well setup there. Books written on the history of the town. It's a really great place worth checking out.

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