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My 3.5 Character Build Blogs

Hope you guys liked my character build. I was planning to do them once a week but after seeing the effort it took to do that it might be a bit more spaced out than that.

Since I did a very simple build this week drawing only from the player's handbook and D20srd I am thinking that next week I'm going to be doing something a bit more complex that draws on other source material.

Expect a new race, new class, and entirely new build style. At the moment I am leaning toward a vow based build that draws heavily on the Book of Exalted Deeds.

The week after that should be a small sized character that uses a medium mount. A goblin or a halfling or something. Should be fun. Let me know if there are any builds you really want me to look at. I'm best at building martial classes but getting a lot more comfortable with casters these days.

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